Monday, July 21, 2014

Love to you Taiwan - 台灣, 我愛你!

美國歌星Kent "Lobo" Lavoie (灰狼 羅伯) 多年前親自為台灣寫下了一首Love song. 讚嘆台灣福爾摩莎這個舉世驚豔、美麗的島嶼!
Thank you Lobo for your inspiration and this precious gift to Taiwan !


I come to your land a stranger You made me feel at home You open up your arms and gave me warmth I never felt alone You won my heart forever With your gentle friendly ways So with love I send to you my friends This song from far away With love to you Taiwan from one Who always will be thankful to you Music's what I live and it's all that I can give With love to you Taiwan The beauty of your island is more than you can see You stood up for what was right you had to be free Good friends are forever that's how it's always been Words reach out with quiet doubts but music makes us friends 

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